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Since 1993, we've managed the data to automate your export shipping documentation and AES filing. Global Wizard is the solution for businesses who want to streamline their export processes for international shipping.

Customers who trust Global Wizard:

Manual, clunky, or time-intensive export compliance processes?

Global Wizard streamlines data management, validation, AES filing in ACE, and documentation processes so you can spend more time on other important business matters.

We know
shipping exports

Global Wizard, an established export shipping solution, has been helping businesses since 1993. We make international trading simpler, faster, and cost-effective by working as a standalone application, or integrating directly within your enterprise.

Competitive tiered pricing allows you to tailor the application suite to the needs of your business.

Complex user management

Robust help desk

Volume pricing options

Data integrations

Export Compliance Simplified

Global Wizard allows you to view and print required export documents that can include your corporate logo. Your shipment data is automatically populated on multiple documents as required and needed by over 200 countries customs requirements.  

The Document Generation Engine contains an extensive and expanding library of standard documents. In addition, export documents can be customized to your company's specific requirements.

Pre-Shipment Documents


Proforma Invoice

Purchase Order

Order Confirmation

Order Acknowledgement

Financial and Commercial Trade Documents

Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice, No HTS Number

Domestic Invoice

Memorandum of Shipping

Certificate of Origin

Bank Draft and Transmittal Letter

Factura Comercial (Spanish Language)

Packing Documents

Packing List (Break Bulk)

Packing List (Ocean Container)

USDA Certificate of Heat Treatment

Shipping Documents

Inland Bill of Lading

Ocean Bill of Lading

FAA Shipper's Security Endorsement

Consignment Instructions

Dock Receipt

Delivery Order

Shipper's Letter of Instruction to Freight Forwarder

Cargo Labels

Hazmat Ocean - IMO Dangerous Goods by Sea

Hazmat Air -Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods by Air

Customs Documents

SED (replaced by AES but available)

NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Chile US Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin

Central American Free Trade Agreement

CI1 Canadian Customs Invoice

B13 Canadian Export Declaration


Customized Documents

Any document your business needs can be created and used within Global Wizard. Fully custom documents or modifications on existing documents -  our team can make them available.

3,000+ users generating 50,000+ documents per day

Trust that your data is safe with reliable and secure cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

SSL enabled, hourly backups, and 24/7 monitoring.

Requirements Guide

Shipment Wizard

Our product suite

Global Wizard gives you all the features your company needs for its export compliance program. 

  • Denied persons screening
  • International trade requirements
  • Import/export documentation requirements 
  • And more...

Denied Persons

We can help you start international exporting with ease, or we can help you find lost time and money in the exports that you are already processing. Use that extra time to grow your business!

  • Throw out that typewriter. Decomission that spreadsheet. Generate documents from a single set of data, and automate!
  • You don’t have to keep paper records in your office – we’ll automate that for you!
  • Access simple and clear historical audit data
  • Disseminate your documents using Global Wizard.
  • Screen multiple Denied Parties and Restricted Persons lists at once and store results for every entity, every shipment. Compliance – automated.

Save time and money with every export shipment.

Includes FREE access to Denied Persons and Requirements Guide

Denied Persons & Restricted Parties

Verify shipping entities against all restricted or denied persons lists of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, and many others. Data sources verified and updated daily.

Denied Persons is available FREE with a Shipment Wizard account, but we also offer Denied Persons as a standalone application or as a web-service integration with your existing enterprise. A Denied Persons account comes with FREE access to Requirements Guide. 

  • Unlimited account users
  • Full audit trail for robust record keeping
  • Seven years of storage of actual search results
  • Add your company's denied parties for credit holds, shipment problems, recording purposes, etc
  • Integrate your back-end system to send screening requests using our web service for real-time results
  • Use our interface or integrate with your own
  • Free access to Requirements Guide

Denied Persons is provided on custom quote. Access Denied Persons for FREE with a Shipment Wizard account or contact us to select a web service integration or standalone application access that best suits your needs.

Requirements Guide is the easiest entry point into the Global Wizard suite. No data entry required. Simply select an export country and an import country and Requirements Guide will provide you with the requirements you'll need to make your shipment.

The export documentation requirements guide is a great entry point for businesses that are new to exporting or considering a new trade route. If you have any questions, reach out to our business consultants and compliance specialists to maximize your potential!

  • Up to date resources for over 260 countries
  • Clearly organized information
  • Simple system to support your business processes
  • Great entry point for businesses new to exporting internationally

Requirements Guide is available FREE with a Shipment Wizard or Denied Persons account. Use it as a standalone to have all shipping requirements and fillable documentation (where available).

Integrate with your enterprise

Global Wizard connects right into your existing enterprise so that you don't have to re-enter data. 

Web service integration

Parser integration/File ingestion over sFTP

Denied Persons/Restricted Parties Web Service

Offices in Springfield, MO and Tampa, FL. 

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