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Are you prepared to answer questions about your export compliance program? Is your company at risk?


Affordable Global Trade Management Automation for Manufacturers


Sometimes, the process is complex by necessity. Global Wizard can make this complexity easier for your team to implement. After decades of implementing software and process solutions for our customers, we've got some mighty arrows in our quiver. Use our flexibility and existing solutions to quickly craft a customized solution for your operations at a fraction of the cost.

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For the smaller or less complex exporter, we've decomposed our large suite of applications into a simple, price point solution for export compliance that provides you with everything you need to ensure consistency, compliance, and process optimization. Leverage our network of compliance professionals so that you have on-demand access to professional advising without full-time staffing in your enterprise.

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Your current infrastructure and data are a mess

There, we said it. Now let's get to work. You aren't held captive to your old and bolted-on data model, or your existing systems with Global Wizard. Taking a data-transformative approach to integrations, your data can be freed for modern use cases. This means your process can scale as large, and move as fast as the changes that affect global trade. 

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Those spreadsheets are not going to scale, nor are they auditable. For less than the cost of a homegrown compliance program, you can move comfortably into Global Wizard with SAME DAY setup!

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Global Wizard will help you have a plan and be confident. Manage your entire export compliance program in one place to give that agent everything he or she needs to be confident in your operations. We stay up to date on trade laws and news so that as regulations change, your interests are protected.

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Trade is an ever-changing landscape. Global Wizard keeps full-time developers and experienced analysts on staff to ensure that your processes are accommodated both now and in the future.

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Verify Export Requirements

From any country, to any country, Global Wizard’s Requirements Guide will help you quickly assess your trade lanes and new market potential.

Restricted Parties Screening

Don't risk working with, or shipping to the wrong entity. Implement and automate the appropriate level of due diligence in export compliance.

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Manage Exports

Simplify and automate your shipment data, entity screening, documentation, reporting, auditing, and dissemination. Use our customizable platform to match the workflows of YOUR company and YOUR compliance program. 

Global Wizard is an AES-Certified Software Vendor

Work with a software and solutions provider who has decades of experience validating your data and keeping it secure and accessible. Global Wizard's support team has an immense wealth of knowledge of government filing for exporting businesses. Let us automate your filing process.

AES Cerfitied, ACE Filing Export Application

Penalties for US Export Violations

Did you know that penalties for non-compliance are applied on a 'per shipment' basis?

Make sure your shipments are compliant and that Customs and Border Patrol can quickly assess that compliance. Global Wizard helps keeps your exports consistent, compliant, and auditable. 

Download the free guide, Don't Let This Happen to You, developed by BIS to clarify your understanding of the penalties and past precedence in real legal cases.

Imagine a simple compliance program

In a complex and dynamic industry, we say make things simpler!

  • Consistent data, accessible where you need it
  • Consistent documents
  • An optimized and scalable export compliance program
  • Simplified, automated processes that fit YOUR business
  • Maximized team productivity
  • Great working relationship with CBP

Integrate and Automate

Global Wizard provides RESTful and secure APIs to integrate shipment data, screen denied and restricted parties, and transfer data to any other providers in your supply chain. These are automations your business can't afford to work without!

With several tier options available, including our secure APIs and flat-file ingestion, plus our standard integrations out of the box, Global Wizard can provide you with quick and easy returns on investment. Let your export compliance team focus on compliance, not typos!

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Global Wizard is the choice for exporting manufacturers.

Global Wizard is designed to handle complex product models, lots, and configurations for simple shipments, complex shipments, and consolidations.

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