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Exits, Inc. created Global Wizard back in 2003 to alleviate many of the frustrations that come with the exports industry. The result - an adaptable and customizable cloud application that streamlines export compliance and shipment management. 

With the recent purchase of Exits, Inc. by Heather Noggle and Jayme Untiedt, Global Wizard is in the process of getting a serious update. Heather and Jayme are both very customer-centric and have heard the wants and needs of the customers. They are always looking to improve the lives of their customers and love hearing from them (the good and bad). Don't be afraid to reach out to them if you have a suggestions on how things can be improved!

Heather is a long-time member of the Exits team – over 17 years and the original author of much of Global Wizard. She is excited to grow and update Exits and Global Wizard.

Heather’s interests and hobbies with her family are word games, martial arts, church, music (often at church), reading, cooking, and all forms of learning.

Heather Noggle

President and Owner

Jayme and her company, Cantle Technology Corporation, have been a part of the Exits team for several years. They are absolutely thrilled to continue building the Global Wizard software and solutions into the next generation.

Jayme is an avid equestrian in the sport of dressage and enjoys spending free time with her husband and young son in Florida.

Jayme Untiedt

Chief Engineer and Owner

Offices in Springfield, MO and Tampa, FL. 

100% US-based, Woman Owned Small Business

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