Export compliance and shipment management automation made easy

Exporting has always been complex and difficult to navigate. Keeping track of the ever-changing domestic and foreign rules and regulations, ensuring you aren’t sending your product to a person or organization on a restricted party list, and manually preparing auditable documents is time-consuming, frustrating, and difficult to scale efficiently. Global Wizard takes care of all of this for you for less than you think.

Easily automate your export documentation process, screen restricted parties, and verify export requirements.

Companies large and small use Global Wizard because it is

  • Affordable
  • Comprehensive
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Intuitive
  • User-friendly
  • 100% American
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World-Class Customer Service

We also provide you with superior customer service. We are happy to answer any question, help with any problem, or assist you with any need you have regarding our product. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers.

If the Bronze or Silver tier suits your needs, we can get you set up the same day. Simply call or email us. We’ll ask you a few questions and then send you your login information.

If you are interested in the Enterprise tier and/or have custom needs, we offer tailored deployment options for off-site deployments, on-premise deployments, and private cloud deployments to facilitate your strict business cases. Call or email us so we can get started on your customized quote.

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Our company, Exits, Inc., was founded in 1993. We are an industry leader in providing export compliance and shipment management software solutions. Our background in the export compliance industry is extensive, and we have helped hundreds of companies streamline their export compliance programs.

We are a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with two offices, one in Florida and one in Missouri. We are proud to be American owned and operated. Our team is 100% US-based, including all customer service, data storage, and transmission.

We've done some incredible things to ensure our customers' success - don't ask why we are in a bathtub!

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We know exports


Global Wizard, an established software and service solution, has been helping businesses with export compliance since 1993.

We make international trading simpler, faster, and cost-effective by working as a standalone application or integrating directly within your enterprise.

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