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Scale Your ERP With Automated Global trade and export compliance software

Global Wizard was developed to meet the needs of ever-changing compliance regulations within very large-scale data processes. Global Wizard has the flexibility that results in a solution for large and small operations alike. Smaller companies can easily leverage our multi-tenanted deployment, securely positioned in the cloud. Larger companies under the direction of more strict data handling regulations, such as ITAR, can take advantage of the solution deployed in a virtual private cloud or on-premise as a self-hosted solution.

When you use the Global Wizard for your ERP, you are integrating the most modern technology available in the industry, so you can be certain that you are getting the most value and return on your investment for years to come. Our API is built on OpenAPI Standards using aggregate root data modeling. This means that we aren't handing you a pile of wires, but rather human-readable groupings of data, exactly as you would expect to see it. This is what you always thought a data integration should be.

Global Wizard API is an ERP Solution that Quickly pays for itself

In our experience, a data integration with Global Wizard provides a rapid return on investment through reduced operational expenses and risks. Your team will be focused more on providing the results of compliance than the menial tasks required to get it done. This means that your export program becomes instantly more profitable.

These types of integrations are no longer the large investment that they were in the past. Global Wizard is a modern solution that will keep you out of technical debt. Even if your data needs to go somewhere other than Global Wizard, or your workflows require post-processing of shipment or restricted parties screening data beyond Global Wizard, this is the ERP solution that you need to implement those integrations.

Data Integrations are useful for companies who

  • Have a large number of shipments or complex shipments
  • Have a small team that needs to create real results
  • Want to streamline or scale their operations
  • Want fewer to no shipments held at borders
  • Desire the highest accuracy of data

Legacy systems that require flat file integrations can still leverage the capability of an API. Either work with our team to determine the extent to which you can modernize your data export, or securely transfer your flat file to Global Wizard, and we'll parse the file and perform the API integration on our end.

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How many applications do you have to go into to complete one task? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could take all of those applications and put them in one place? Good news, you can with the Global Wizard API. 

The Global Wizard API can integrate with any and all of your applications. With our API, you can look forward to:

  • Zero duplication of data
  • Workflow automation
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Boosted productivity
  • Scaling and growth of your processes
  • ROI within a few months or sooner

You can use our user interface or we can integrate with yours. If you have data that you need to go to multiple places, let our API triage that for you. Make your operations work the way you need and want them to work.

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