My company is new to exporting. Why do we need an exporting software package?

Exporting goods out of the country can be overwhelming, confusing, and complicated depending on the goods.

Companies must comply with numerous and complex regulations. A software package such as Global Wizard can simplify exporting and keep your company compliant with government regulations while also supporting your company’s export growth.

Non-compliance with exporting regulations can result in fines, penalties, and even jail time. CBP could even show up on your doorstep unannounced and you should be prepared for an audit at any given time. 

The FAQ question "What are the possible fines and penalties for export violations and non-compliance?" offers a summary of these fines and penalties.

You may also want to check out our "10 Steps to International Trade Compliance" document to learn more about creating your own export compliance plan.

What regulatory systems is Global Wizard compliant with?

Global Wizard is AES Certified and incorporates EAR and ITAR data standards for product data management.

What are the possible fines and penalties for export violations and non-compliance?

If a person within your company or your company as a whole is found in non-compliance of exporting laws and regulations, your company can be heavily fined and individuals can be imprisoned.

The fines and penalties vary depending on the level and frequency of non-compliance and which governing entity is involved; ITAR, EAR, and OFAC.

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation)

Violations of the defense controls can be fined up to $1,000,000 per violation, ten years in prison, or both.

EAR (Export Administration Regulation)

EAR violations are subject to both criminal and administrative penalties. Fines for export violations can reach up to $1,000,000 per violation in criminal cases and $250,000 per violation in most administrative cases.

In addition, criminal violators may be sentenced to prison time up to 20 years and administrative penalties may include the denial of export privileges. A denial of export privileges is how individuals and companies are included in the Denied Persons database.

If you'd like a demo of our Restricted Parties application, please contact us.

Does Global Wizard replace the need for Freight Forwarders or other exporting services?

Global Wizard ensures you provide consistent, compliant export documentation to your freight forwarder or use it in your own transactions if you fully handle your international shipping.

Does Global Wizard handle AES Filing?

Global Wizard connects directly to send data to the ACE system that handles the EEI AES Filing. Global Wizard provides all the necessary resources and data necessary to create successful AES filings based from data you’re also using to populate your export documents.

Read more about AES Filings with Global Wizard.

Global Wizard

How automated is Global Wizard when it comes to creating the documents that I need to export shipments?

Users populate shipment data from their software that is integrated with Global Wizard. This can be accomplished through the Global Wizard API or other data integration as customized per customer-specific needs.

Shipments can also be generated or edited manually within Global Wizard and then later duplicated as needed to eliminate duplicated data entry for like shipments.

Read more about our API and data integration options.

How often is Global Wizard updated?

Global Wizard is always making improvements and enhancements to improve our features, functionality, and services for our subscribers.

Can I add our company logo to our export documents?

Yes! Your company logo can be added to your company’s profile so it generates automatically on various documents.

How is data populated in Global Wizard?

Users have several methods for working with and populating their data in Global Wizard. 

For smaller shipment volumes, simply enter the data and automate the processing with Global Wizard.

System Integration

Users populate shipment data into Global Wizard from their software that is integrated with Global Wizard. One set of shipment data is used to create all the necessary documentation for export shipments specific to the destination country. Helpful messages are provided when information is missing or incomplete. For more automation, Global Wizard integrates with your ERP and creates shipments automatically from data anywhere.

Even with system integration, users can still create shipments manually within Global Wizard.

With either method, Global Wizard populates and maintains master data on products and shipment parties so that users can search and add data to shipments.  Information can also be saved for use later in future shipments.

Read more about our data integration options.

Restricted Party Screening/Denied Persons

Does Global Wizard Offer Batch Screening for Restricted Parties?

YES! Global Wizard offers Batch Screening as a special feature within the Restricted Parties module. 

Does Global Wizard Offer Continuous Screening for Restricted Parties?

YES! Global Wizard offers Continuous Screening as a special feature within the Restricted Parties module. 

Can I add my own entities to the Restricted Parties database?

YES! Global Wizard offers the ability to add custom entities to the Restricted Parties database.

Is Global Wizard up to date with all of the government Denied Persons databases?

Yes, Global Wizard connects with several disparate government-based Denied Persons/Restricted Parties lists daily. As long as these published lists are up to date, Global Wizard is as well.

Does Global Wizard Offer Auto Resolution for Restricted Parties?

YES! Global Wizard offers Auto Resolution as a special feature within the Restricted Parties module. 

How often are the Requirements Guide, Denied Persons and other resources within Global Wizard updated?

Global Wizard is connected to online databases and services that update multiple times a day which means that Global Wizard is up to date.

Sales and Customer Service

Do you offer technical support for Global Wizard?

Yes we do! We have support staff available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Contact Support

Does my team need special training to use the software? Do you offer training?

Global Wizard is easy to understand and our users report that their teams have no trouble accessing the system and understanding how to work. We do offer training as part of the onboarding process for new customers and host frequent webinars covering new features and functions.

We also provide an extensive User Guide in the application or handy tips in our solutions library.

Where can I get a free demo of Global Wizard?

For a free demo of the Global Wizard software, complete this form. We will instantly send you a video Demo of Global Wizard.

You can also email sales directly at support@globalwizardexports.com.

You can complete this quick form to provide additional information about your export compliance software needs and to request a demo.

Global Wizard Exports Application Environment

What operating systems does Global Wizard work on?

Global Wizard works on any operating system that offers a web browser: Windows, Apple iOs, Linux, etc.

If our organization doesn’t want cloud deployment, what options do we have?

Global Wizard is currently a multi-tenanted application, but the APIs are already capable of being deployed single-tenanted on the cloud, your cloud selection or our AWS environment, or even on your own servers. The application is being updated to also deploy in this same fashion.

If a company doesn't want a cloud deployment, they have the option of allowing us to deploy an image of the software locally. For updates to the software and government regulations, we would provide a support plan over which we would apply regular updates to the on-premise deployment.

The other alternative is a private cloud - which is like on-site deployment where your company is the only tenant, but in the cloud. 

What internet browser does Global Wizard work on?

Global Wizard works best on Chrome but will also work on Safari, FireFox, and Windows Edge (Internet Explorer).

Is Global Wizard a downloadable software program or a cloud application?

Global Wizard is a cloud application that is accessed on your computer’s internet browser as long as you are connected to the internet. There is never any software to download.

If cloud or multi-tenant deployment is not suitable for your enterprise, Global Wizard can be deployed as a single-tenant cloud application or on premise using your servers.

Can Global Wizard integrate with my existing system?


Global Wizard is built on a secure, scalable, RESTful API system that enables rapid integration with any system. We are supported by an engineering team that is readily available to complete the integration or simply to support your engineering team.

If your enterprise only supports a flat-file export, we can process those as well. Every customer and integration has the potential to be different. 

Read more about Global Wizard and our integration options.

Contact us at support@globalwizardexports.com to discuss integrating your system with Global Wizard.

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