How Do I <<Insert Exporting Question Here>>?

June 5, 2020 Author: Erin Harris, Director of Customer Experience

At Global Wizard, we see a lot of traffic from people who are “information seekers”.

Information seekers are those looking for information on how to do something in regards to shipping and exporting, where to find specific export documents or specific country information and requirements. As you might know, exporting regulations can vary from country to country.

  1. How do I export?
  2. How do I create a Commercial Invoice?
  3. What is a NAFTA/USMCA form?
  4. Where do I find a Certificate of Origin?
  5. Why can’t I ship to <<insert country here>>?
  6. What license is needed to export my <<insert product here>>?

...and so on. If it’s been an export compliance Google search query, we’ve probably seen it in our reports.

If you’re reading this, were you led to us from a search that asked one of these or a similar question regarding export compliance or export documentation software? Are you a member of our information-seeking audience?

When you conduct a search that starts with how do I, where do I, or what is, are you satisfied with the answers you receive?

Are you tired of trying to patch together an exporting solution and suffering through the endless searches for exporting information for your company? Often, we find ourselves looking for answers because we have to get the job done and there seems to be no alternative. “I can do it myself, quickly, cheaply, efficiently, etc.” While you can likely do some of the things, there is an incredible expense and risk in that process. We have price point solutions for exporters just like you.

If you are an information seeker looking for exporting information, Global Wizard can take care of you, for a lot less than you think. Let us help you get set up with one of our affordable product tiers that can be customized for your company’s export needs.