Conducting A Restricted Party Screening

May 2, 2022 Author: The Global Wizard Team

Single Entity Screening vs. Batch Screening

Global Wizard’s Restricted Party Screening tool is simple to use. Whether you need to screen one entity or many, either can be done with one step.

Single entity: Type in the company name, address, or person name that you want to screen. Instantly return matches with all of the information that you need to move to make a decision.

Multiple entities: Upload a spreadsheet of entities to Batch Screening. The result will be the screening of multiple contacts for your review.

Continuous Screening (Since Screening is a Snapshot in Time)

Entities can change their status over time. An entity that was previously listed in a Restricted Parties database may no longer be. Or, the opposite may occur where an entity was acceptable until it appeared on a restricted list. You must now review that specific entity to continue to do business with them.

Enter Global Wizard’s Continuous Screening feature. Continuous Screening will automatically monitor for updates to the database for previously screened entities and will advise you of any changes to their status.

You can be set up and running a compliant screening program within hours. Simply let us know that you would like a demo to get started.