Use This Innovative Approach to Fine-tune Your Restricted Parties Searches

April 6, 2022 Author: The Team at Global Wizard

You’ve screened your entities through the Restricted Parties application and returned zero results.

That means they’re safe to ship to, right?

But, maybe the entity has a history with your company or has done something publicly that makes you just not want to do business with them.

  • Non-payment or slow payment of previous transactions
  • Constantly returns product, disputes warranty or service terms
  • Filed litigation against the company
  • Has a public history of unethical or immoral practices

If you find the need to restrict entities that won’t be found in a government database, create your own!

A unique feature of the Global Wizard Restricted Parties application provides users the ability to add custom entities.

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Address

If you have multiple users screening entities in Global Wizard and a search returns a custom entity, that user will have all the necessary information they need to move forward accordingly.

Don't forget! With Continous Screening, if these entities ever appear within a government database, you'll be notified!

We've got you covered!

Get started today with the new Global Wizard Restricted Parties application.